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Training IPC 7711/21

We are the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia training in the IPC-7711/21 standard.

The IPC - 7711/21 - Rework repair and modification is practical training regarding procedures and errors during repair of PBC, based on visual criteria standard IPC-A-610. IPC - 7711/21 includes both THT and SMT assembly. Further training content consists of CC (conformal coating) and repair of supporting material in circuit boards.

Training curriculum

The complete training is 3 days long, also with the final exam.
Number of participants: maximum 12

  1. Introduction to the IPC standard, sequence
  2. Handling, ESD, Concepts
  3. Mechanical assembly - repairs
  4. Soldering - appearance of the surface, used technology, fluxes, soldering, temperatures
  5. Bridge jumpers - THT and SMT assembly
  6. Preparation of soldering surfaces, PCB
  7. THT assembly - rework and repair -axial and radial
  8. SMT ASSEMBLY - rework and repair - chip, MELF, L, J outlet
  9. Damage to components, PCB, and sets - criteria
  10. Tests - practical test

Technology used - IR, Hot Air, VF soldering technology

Normally training is focused on the technology for soldering with hot air and cylindrical soldering. Repair of circuit boards, up to the level of the replacement of routes, interrupted routes, replacement of metal plated soldering points. SMT technology up to the size of 0402 (we can also manage 0201).


All the trainees, upon successful completion, obtain a certificate of CIS (IPC Certified Specialist) from standard-7711/21 IPC.

Nearest terms of

Beginning Topic Language Place of training  
25. 10. 2023 IPC-7711/21 CZ Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, CZ Book this date
8. 11. 2023 IPC-7711/21 SK Bratislava, SK Book this date
21. 12. 2023 IPC-7711/21 RO Brasov, RO Book this date


Custom training

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Approximately 80% of our trainings are custom tailored and adjusted to meet your requirements. Familiarise yourself with the knowledge about the latest trends and procedures in electrotechnical production. Thanks to close cooperation with IPC in the US and other countries, we have confidence that we will bring you the most up-to-date knowledge. We are also in a narrow group of 38 certified companies which can provide consultative IPC advice. Depend on our expertise and professionalism!

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