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New Standard for Electronic Textiles - IPC-8921

7. January 2020

IPC Association issued an IPC-8921, Requirements for Woven and Knitted Electronics Textiles (E-Textiles) Integrated with Conductive Fibers, Conductive Yarns and/or Wires. 


IPC-8921 establishes classifications and designations for woven and knitted e-textiles integrated with e-fibers, e-yarns and e-wires. It also standardizes key characteristics and durability testing for these materials as well as the industry test methods to be used to test against those characteristics.


Key characteristics:

  • electrical resistance
  • electromagnetic immunity
  • thermal conductivity
  • coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
  • specific heat capacity
  • thermal shock resistance
  • out-gassing
  • glass transition temperature (Tg)
  • melting point.


IPC-8921 also includes 20 new terms and definitions for e-textiles and establishes quality assurance provisions and test frequencies for specific characteristics. Incorporating these designations, characteristics, test method requirements and testing frequencies provides the e-textiles industry a level playing field. Product designers and manufacturers now have a consensus industry standard for gathering comparative data between different materials and suppliers to procure the woven and knitted e-textiles that will meet their needs.

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