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ESD Training Can Save Your Company Money

17. February 2021

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is a very important thing to take into consideration when it comes to the electronics industry. Miniaturization means that every year smaller and more sensitive electronic parts are being produced; these are incredibly sensitive to the presence of electrostatic discharge. ESD can damage the inner structure of the circuit in a manner, that is not immediately obvious. Output test might seem ok, but once the product is delivered to the customer, the failure is just a matter of days.

ESD requires adherence to details

Are you sure you have everything under control in your production? Thanks to our long-term experience in ESD audits, we know that many times things can go wrong on apparently little things. This was also the case when the ESD coordinator asked the Purchasing Department to provide ESD coats. People from the Purchasing Department wanted to save and decided to buy cheaper antistatic coats. However, these coats didn’t comply with the 61340-5-1 standard and were not suitable for the EPA zone. The result? New coats had to be bought and the originally bought ones ended as unwanted in the deposit. The effort to save money turned out to be needlessly expensive due to a lack of ESD knowledge.

Let’s look at another example. Do you think that when the operator wears ESD gloves, he or she doesn’t have to wear ESD boots or an ESD bracelet? This is a big mistake! ESD gloves don’t protect the assembly from electrostatic discharge and they lead it just like an uncovered human hand does. The purpose of ESD gloves is to prevent contamination of electronic devices by human perspiration or hand cream. ESD gloves don’t eliminate the electrostatic discharge. ESD grounding is performed via ESD boots and ESD bracelets.

It is very important to understand that the prevention of ESD damages is not just for the protection of products; it also protects your equipment. ICT testers, oscillographs, analyzer units are very sensitive and very expensive devices. Should you unnecessarily expose them to ESD, you increase their risk of damage and failure. 

Our offer of ESD training

Realtime Technologies offers you ESD training. After successful completion, trainees will receive a certificate proving their knowledge about the requirements related to the protection against static electricity when working with electronic components.

Educational activities are implemented on the basis of training materials:

  • IEC/TR 61340-5-1
  • IEC/TR 61340-5-3
  • ANSI/ESD S-20.20 and IPC standards

Our company also provides an ESD audit of your production space. This audit will help to uncover possible trouble spots and find whether an adjustment is required.

What customers say about ESD trainings?

“Our cooperation with Realtime Technologies SK is very satisfactory and they provide us several types of services. I would point out especially prompt and effective development of ESD plans, execution of IPC audits, predictions, and proposals for deviation corrections. I appreciate that they regularly update us about interesting facts relevant to our business.” (SAS Automotive)

Our company, Realtime Technologies is active in this field since 2006. We are an accredited IPC center for the Czech and Slovak Republic providing ESD audits and ESD training for top electronic companies in this region. Read more about their feedback.

„The training that we attended in Realtime Technologies s.r.o. has been highly rated by our employees and increased their expertise and this will help to increase the quality of our products. Our staff appreciated the frank attitude of the trainers and the willingness to discuss all the problems encountered in the production of electronic products.“ (Dalibor Oleš, General Manager Quality Control and Assurance, Panasonic Electronic Devices Slovakia s.r.o.)


Are you interested in ESD training or ESD audit? Contact us at or by phone 02/2120 1800.


Photo by: Torsten Dettlaff at Pexels

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