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REALTIME TECHNOLOGIES s.r.o. has been training in IPC standards since 2006 and has trained employees from more than 100 companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania.


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The training sessions that we completed in Realtime Technologies s.r.o. were evaluated very well by our employees and increased their professional knowledge, which logically is reflected in the quality of our products. Our staff appreciated the open approach of the trainer and the trainer’s willingness to discuss all presented problems encountered during production of electronic products. Each of them highly appreciated that during the training they did not receive only general explanations of the requirements of IPC-A-610 standards, but based on documentation also explanation of the possible causes of errors occurring during the technological process. The conducted training as usual used dry repetition of the requirements of the standard with live interesting construction and understanding of requirements and the means of their fulfilment not only during training, but as well in their subsequent application in everyday work. This is mainly what our company needs and what our customers appreciate.

Dalibor Oleš - General Manager Quality Control and Assurance, Panasonic Electronic Devices Slovakia s.r.o., Trstená

MilWorks Solutions Pte. Ltd

Michal has conducted the class efficiently to help us with little efforts to complete the course of certification. We would certainly recommend Realtime to any of our associates for IPC related training in the near future.

Clement Tan - MilWorks Solutions Pte. Ltd

Rohde & Schwarz

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to complete IPCA610F training (May 2016) in Realtime Technologies s.r.o. Mr. Dostál has earned his reputation. I evaluate very positively the trainer’s open approach and the opportunity to focus on the discussed topics both at a general level and in detail, including open discussions regarding new chapters of the F revision and the differences between revisions E and F. The form of the training, technical knowledge of the trainer and plenty of advice from an experienced colleague were clearly an extra bonus. I am confident that I will be able to apply my newly acquired knowledge in our company as well, which will not only improve the staff’s qualifications, but will also improve the quality of our products even more.

Ing. David Pasler - Specialista kvality DPS, CIT; 3V-Q, ROHDE&SCHWARZ závod Vimperk s.r.o., VIMPERK


The training expanded our knowledge of the SMT process and provided us with a larger overview of electrotechnical production in terms of product quality. We are pleased that we completed the IPC-A-610-E. training. The training session was conducted at an excellent professional level, in its theoretical part and in its numerous practical examples. The technical knowledge of the instructor and of the lecture were perfect, and we highly recommend training in Realtime Technologies for others as well.

Vlastimil Bukovec - New Model Intro Engineer, Mount & Production Division, FOXCONN Slovakia, s.r.o., Nitra

Integrated Micro-Electronics

Feedback from all participants in last week’s IPC 610 training was amazing. I have to admit that it never happened before that people were coming to me and thanking me for such great training. They appreciated your approach and method of training. The practical part, where you spent time with participants in the manufacture and discussed examples in practice, was very positively evaluated as well. Even though I couldn’t spend the whole 3-day training with you, I did inspire myself by your training methods and it already brought positive results. Thank you once again and I am sure that the next training will be a great success as well.

Helena Šimčíková - Training Specialist, Integrated Micro-Electronics, Třemošná


I want to thank you for the IPC-A-610 training for OEZ s.r.o.The training was evaluated positively by all participants, high praise received especially the trainer himself, his approach, preparations, tools, time management and graspable way of communication. I personally appreciate the discussion about specific OEZ cases that helped to better understand the standard as well as other examples from practice. The majority of the participants have received much practical information and not all of them were related just to the IPC-A-610 standard.

Jiri Stejskal - R&D - Products Design, OEZ s.r.o., Sedivska 339, 561 51 Letohrad, Czech Republic


I want to thank you once again for the training. My colleagues provided only positive feedback. It was not just dull training on the standard but more of a workshop supplemented with practical examples including DPS components brought by the trainer. I definitely appreciate that. I liked the approach and methodology used for the training. Overall, I left feeling great and want to thank you for the time.

Ing. Petr Kuřina - vedoucí výroby, TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE, s.r.o., Praha 5 – Košíře

TESLA Liptovský Hrádok, a.s.

I want to thank you for the training of IPC-A-610-E standard done at TESLA Liptovský Hrádok 22-24.5.2013. It was done in a very professional way, in an informal atmosphere. This was appreciated also by colleagues from our partner company who participated in the training. The trainer, Jiří Dostál, showed us in a very understandable way how to take the standard into practice in our manufacture. I also appreciate practical information that either confirmed the accuracy of our operations or brought a new perspective that can lead to improvements. I am convinced that the training was a good investment for us that will bring long-term enhancement of our production.

Ing. Antonín Rošťák - Tech.department manager, TESLA Liptovský Hrádok a.s., Palenica 53 / 79, 033 17 Liptovský Hrádok

Bang & Olufsen

We are cooperating with Realtime Technologies for some time. This year they have done for us a workshop on ESD topic. The workshop was done perfectly. It covered the theoretical part but also the practical part aimed directly at our specific operations. The practical part taught us how to actively look for potential risks connected with ESD and how to effectively eliminate them and prevent them in the future. The theoretical part was aimed at the standards, device verifications, training, etc. The whole workshop, as well as the audit, benefited us. We evaluate Realtime Technologies very positively and can only recommend them.

Radim Mikulec - Design Engineer, Bang & Olufsen,s.r.o.


The 7711/21 training was prepared perfectly. It was very professional and at the same time very interesting. Let me highlight the presenting skills of Jiří Dostál, as well as his knowledge. He managed to establish a perfect atmosphere both in the conference room and during the practical part. I have to mention that the training was attended by various employees from various departments with different levels of knowledge of soldiering and its technology. Despite the fact that some of the participants didn’t have any knowledge, the trainer managed to hand them over the necessary information. Training participants are after completion of the training highly motivated. They very quickly and effectively absorbed new information and soldiering techniques. Thank you once again for such great training and I hope that this was not the last cooperation between our companies.

Ondřej Brůžek - SMT Engineer, AVIRE, s.r.o., České Budejovice

Rohde & Schwarz

I want to thank you once again for the training IPC-A-610-E and IPC-7711/21 done in our company 28. - 30.1.2013. Both the content and the form of the training were appreciated. We refreshed knowledge learned in previous IPC-Specialist training and also learned and applied in practice newly expanded specifics valid for repairs and exchanges of standard wired-lead parts, SMD parts, and DPS. Thanks to you we will expand the types of soldering and cleaning pikes and change the technology of QFP and QFJ parts exchange. All of us liked the training very much and we hope that our future cooperation will also be fruitful

Andrea Milotová Ing. - školitel 3VPA, ROHDE&SCHWARZ závod Vimperk s.r.o., VIMPERK


We have long-term cooperation with Realtime Technologies. The great benefits of this cooperation contributing to our satisfaction are communication and willingness. Training is clear and concise. The lectures are comprehensible and besides the theoretical part, they cover practical examples and practice as well. In case of a problem, the lector provides a solution and an explanation of how it can occur and how to prevent it. During the training, there is also time to discuss the process at working place and the trainer oftentimes offers useful improvement hints. Excellent cooperation is not limited just to training. If necessary, we can get advice on how to solve a problem. There is also no problem with ordering the products

Lukáš Melich, Wittur s.r.o., Slovakia

Panasonic MilWorks Solutions Pte. Ltd Rohde & Schwarz FOXCONN Integrated Micro-Electronics OEZ TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE, S.R.O. TESLA Liptovský Hrádok, a.s. Bang & Olufsen Avire Rohde & Schwarz Wittur

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