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Member of ESD Association
Official IPC training centre
As of 1 October 2015, Realtime Technologies became an official IPC training center for Central Europe. We are the first Czech/Slovak company to bring a comprehensive portfolio of IPC and ESD training.
Official IPC training centre
Member of ESD Association
Provision of audits for EPA premises according to IEC 61340 and according to corporate documents in the field of ESD, e.g. VW, BMW etc. Preparation and development of internal ESD documentation, risk analysis. Consulting and training for ESD coordinators and operators.
Professionals in their sector
Professionals in their sector
Realtime Technologies and its trainers are professionals in their sector and have extensive technical knowledge at a national and international level.

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Our company Realtime Technologies s.r.o. was established in 2003 as a subsidiary of Irish company Realtime Technologies Ltd., a renowned supplier of production services for the electronics industry. In 2006 we became an accredited IPC center for the Czech and Slovak Republic. In 2015 we became the official IPC center and as the only company, we provide the opportunity to train five trainer and specialist standards. Our IPC trainers continuously broaden their IPC standard and ESD knowledge so that we can continue to be a reliable partner for the electronics and electrotechnology companies.

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Approximately 80% of our trainings are custom tailored and adjusted to meet your requirements. Familiarise yourself with the knowledge about the latest trends and procedures in electrotechnical production. Thanks to close cooperation with IPC in the US and other countries, we have confidence that we will bring you the most up-to-date knowledge. We are also in a narrow group of 38 certified companies which can provide consultative IPC advice. Depend on our expertise and professionalism!

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